Grouting Swimming Pool in the Costa Blanca

Tile grout for swimming pools

With the Pool Grouting service on the Costa Blanca, you will have your pool as good as new. The white lines between the pool tiles can be emptied or sagging creating some problems. When we fill these joints, the tiles have a better grip. We improve the permeability of the pool. Surface cleaning is made easy. And above all we give a very aesthetic touch to the pool by being all white and pairs. Our professional work and using the best materials achieve the best grouting in just three days, even in the most difficult joints such as swimming pools treated with salt water.

Pool Grouting, prices and tasks

  1. We take care of emptying the pool.
  2. Cleaning walls and floors with pressurized water.
  3. Acid treated and brushed to remove old material. Very important, in this way a greater amount of new material is possible inside the joint.
  4. We replace all the missing tiles
  5. Anti-algae treatment. Only for black algae invasions. If this step is not carried out correctly, it is very likely that the black algae will grow again and make the new grouting material fall off.
  6. We grout with “porcelain joint” this type of material is the best on the market, obtaining resistant and durable joints. We also have epoxy grout for pool tiles.
  7. Pool cleaning.

    The Importance of a Good Grout in the Swimming Pools.

    It is important because small gresites have a better grip and because it improves the appearance of the pool by 100%. But, did you know that a lack of grouting could be the reason why you don’t have a good maintenance in the water of your pool? Yes, since when the material is emptied between the tiles, all kinds of algae begin to grow. Algae grow inside the hollows and it is very difficult to kill them completely, especially if they are black.

    Waterproofing grouting for swimming pools

    Waterproofing service at the same time that we grout the pool. It is a service that is giving us very good results when the pool is losing a little water and you do not want to completely waterproof the pool. It is a cheaper service than waterproofing, remember that a complete waterproofing of the pool requires removing the old tile. We also use a lot of waterproofing materials in the grouting when the pool is not Gunite.


    Do you need to change or repair the pool tile?

     Substitution of areas of poor quality or continually falling tile. We have the best specialists in the area to replace the old tile with a complete new one. Your pool looks like new with the replacement or repair of tiles. We also install mosaic drawings.



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