Pool Coronation Repair

With the service, Pool Coronation Repair in Costa Blanca you will have the exterior of your pool like new without changing all the stone. The stone at the edge of your pool may have different problems. The most common are cracks, open joints, rust spots, fungi, mold or with internal corrosion. This gives a very aesthetic appearance even sometimes dangerous. All this is solved by giving it a natural mineral treatment. With this treatment you will avoid the appearance of mold, it is totally non-slip and with a 10 year guarantee.

Tasks and Prices to Renew the Coronation of Pools

It is not necessary to empty the pool water and it almost does not get dirty.

  1. Cleaning with high pressure machine.
  2. Repair of cracks and holes with flexible and fiberglass mesh.
  3. First union bridge application.
  4. Application of natural mineral of 1st quality.

 Same treatment in the pool Balustrade

As well as stone benches, pool booths, etc.

In addition to rough and stone treatments.

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Pool Maintenance


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