Complete sand change service in filters for swimming pools, silica sand or glass. Filter manufacturers advise changing this sand every 4-5 years as it significantly increases filtration capacity. Those of us who work to keep the water always crystal clear know that filtration is the most important part, so having this sand in perfect condition is essential. Clearer water is obtained without the need to increase the filtration time or use more chemicals than necessary. If your pool water is cloudy, you may need to change the sand in the filter.

Pool Tile Installation & Replacement

  Replacing Sand with Glass in Pool Filter

The exchanges of sand for glass have been increasing in the last 10 years. It is a special glass for swimming pools that is not dangerous because it is not sharp and has many advantages.

  • Its smooth surface makes it completely remove dirt.
  • Greater reduction of turbidity in the water compared to silica.
  • Reduces the “biofilm” which is a thin layer that protects bacteria,
  • Respect the environment being recycled glass.
  • It is recommended to change it every 8 years.

Why do I have sand in my pool?

Sand in the pool after backwashing, it is because a nozzle inside the filter has broken. These crepins are plastic tubes that are located at the bottom of the filter, they have slots so that only the water passes through. We just have to change the part that is broken. The best time to check these tubes is when the filter sand is being replaced.


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