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Underwater Pool Repair Service 

With the Underwater Pool Repair Service throughout we can solve problems of leaks, repair damaged tile, change elements such as spotlights, skimers, sinks or impellers. Underwater work Without Emptying provides you with significant savings of money and time. Made by divers with the required qualification, who will help you and advise you on the best solution to the problem your pool has.

Repair Pool Tiles Underwater, without emptying


We have a lot of experience in placing tiles underwater. No problem in grouting tiles or changing an area of the swimming pool that is in poor condition. Cement quality gives even greater resistance than new.

Change LED Pool Lights Underwater


LED bulbs are a great energy saver and break down less frequently. It is not worth repairing old halogen bulbs. This job is only for lights that cannot be taken outside.

Change sump, skimmer or Jets, Underwater

Changing any of the built-in elements of the pool is also not a problem for having to empty the water in your pool. If the problem is a blockage of the tube we proceed only to unblock it.

Repair Rust on the Floor of the Pool without Emptying.

The oxide of the soil appears by the micro fissures of the cement that reach the formwork iron. By cleaning up just that part, it doesn’t come out again.

Repair Water leak without emptying

A total inspection of the pool glass will tell you the exact place where you lose water. With a detailed report including photos and video of the exact place of loss

Sealing of cracks without empty

Repairing a small crack well causes no major problems in the future. We use the best underwater hydraulic cements resistant to chlorine and PH.


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