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Swimming pool crack repair service in Marina Alta, Marina Baixa y la Safor

We offer a durable and effective solution to repair cracks in concrete swimming pools by applying an epoxy resin coating, which effectively seals the fissures and cracks.


cracks in swimming pools.

Does your swimming pool have cracks?

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How do we detect cracks in a concrete swimming pool?

Cracks are small fissures that can appear on the surface of a swimming pool. With time and constant use, these cracks can weaken the structure and compromise the safety of the pool. Therefore, it is essential to detect cracks early on and determine which ones are causing water loss, as these are the areas that require greater attention.


  • A thin, black line in the pool indicates a crack, which is a line that is not part of the pool’s design. These cracks often extend between the tile joints.
  • Analyze the tiles: If the tiles surrounding the pool are loose or broken, it may be a sign that there is a crack underneath them.
  • And the crack that is surely causing your pool to lose water is the thin, black line that goes upwards, reaches the end and even breaks the stone of the coping, as you can see in the photo.

How do we repair a crack in a swimming pool?

It is essential to properly repair cracks in a swimming pool in a definitive manner, because once these steps are followed, we guarantee that you will not have the same crack again in the future.

    1. Chip and clean the crack. We join the irons to reinforce the entire structure.
    2. Place a bonding bridge, a first layer of polyurethane or epoxy resin injected sealer, depending on the thickness of the crack, and a second layer of cement mix that makes it ultra-strong.
    3. Plus, two layers of waterproof mortar.
    4. Tile placement and grouting.


  • The prices for repairing cracks in swimming pools are per linear meter. The first meters of crack repair cost 250€.



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