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 Satisfied Swimming Pool Maintenance Customers


The service is reliable and efficient. Visits twice a week in summer ensure that the water in our pool is always in good condition. We are very happy.

S. Griffin

We are very satisfied with your work, you have been taking care of our pool for approximately 20 years. Quickly communicate any problem to us, and solve it while we are in Germany. Please keep it up.

S. Wolfgang

The pool maintenance service has never ceased to satisfy us in the 17 years that it has been cleaning and chemical treatment. I like its total reliability and being in communication if something goes wrong and needs repair.

Bernard M.


This year 2020, with the theme of confinements, even between countries, has been an occasion to show our new clients that they could trust us and our fast and effective services, WITHOUT SEEING US IN PERSON.

On June 10 Alison called us from England, her pool was losing water, she and her husband cannot come to Spain and they felt very limited. In addition, the work to locate the water leak and the work must be fast, they have rented their villa for the 1st of July.

About 5 days later, our diver was inspecting the interior of her pool, a crack was detected in the wall where the water was lost. We communicated to the owners that it was necessary to empty the pool to repair the crack. They give us the OK with the condition that the pool is full on July 1. When we started to chip the crack, surprise, the pool is not made of gunite, it was built with blocks and concrete. We quickly changed the crack repair technique to waterproof it.

Alison and her husband who only knew us from being in contact by phone and WhatsApp did not expect someone to be able to do this job on time. We started filling the pool on June 25th. They were delighted. Of course we were sending him photos almost daily. And we did a follow-up, making sure that the pool was no longer losing water.

For us it is a success to have fully satisfied customers.

Pool Grouting Works


Our pool had not been grounted in 25 years. Your company responded quickly to our questions. We now have a pool for 25 more years. We feel really good about work.

R. Vangool

For 2 years the pool tiles have been falling off. The tile joints were empty and the pool looked old and dirty. In a few days the pool regained the same appearance as the first day.

J. Viele

My pool was re-grounting only two years ago and it was already full of black algae. Martín told us that the problem was poor cleaning before work, as special treatment is needed to kill him completely Now five years later I can say that the job was very well done.

J. Escriva


Pool Crowning Repair

 pool coping repair near me

pool coping repair Javea Moraira

The crown of my pool was very sad, it was very black and old. After several days we had a new pool.

T. Bayona

We are very satisfied with their repair service for the crown of our pool, they also cleaned the surroundings of the pool, terrace and benches. We feel very good about the work done.

L. Stone.

We had cracks and rust all over the coronation stone. We thought it was necessary to put a completely new stone, but in a few days it was repaired, we could even choose a new color. Thank you very much.

M. Gray


At the beginning of 2020, a loss of water in the pool is detected that is increasing. Towards the end of April, water is stopped due to excessive water consumption and the cause begins to be searched. Several cracks are discovered and it is decided to empty the pool. Inspection of the walls reveals about 12 cracks. That is a lot of cracks for a pool that a few months before did not lose any water. Now, before repairing anything, you have to find out what the cause is. When the true cause is found it is very easy to do the correct repair.

We conducted several tests including a tasting of the gunite cement, which seems to be fine. Also the pool looks well settled on the ground. We finally discovered the cause, in August 2019 we have a small earthquake in Benitachell, Alicante, this pool is very close to the epicenter. This pool being large, 400m3, it is easier to break in several places.

Once this mystery was cleared, the cracks were repaired and a grouting was also made. Leaving the pool like new.

Our client Nicolas was doubly satisfied, first because he discovered the mystery of the multiple cracks and second because the pool was fully working at the end of June when the pool was needed.



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