Salt chlorinator Installation Service in Javea Moraira and all Marina Alta


Salt electrolysis system

Saline electrolysis for your pool 

Disinfection by electrolysis replaces the chemical treatment of swimming pools with liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets. Through an automatic supply system that uses common salt as a base to produce these chemical products, sodium hypochlorite, through the electrolysis process. It is not necessary to continuously add chemicals. And we always have a constant level of disinfection, neither too high nor too low thanks to the free chlorine produced by the system.

Benefits of salt electrolysis in the pool

  • Powerful disinfection of the pool.
  • A Salt System eliminates caustic chloramines.
  • You bathe in always healthy water
  • Avoid red eyes, itchy skin.
  • That strong chlorine smell is eliminated.
  • Cleaner and crystal clear water

Install saline chlorinator machine for the pool

Complete saline chlorinator installation for your pool. A professional electrolysis system installer visits your pool and checks the installations. Our technician will advise you on what salt equipment you need according to your needs, pool dimensions, number of bathers, prices, etc. And after installation you will have a fully functioning salt water disinfection system.


Saline chlorination system and pH pump

  • By-pass and valve cut-out
  • Electric connections
  • We add all the necessary salt to the pool.
  • PH dosing pump installation
  • System calibration and commissioning


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Salt Chlorinators for a Salt Water Pool Maintenance

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