Pool Leak Detection 

With the service; Detect and repair leaks in swimming pools, you will be able to accurately locate the loss of water in your pool.

Does my pool leak water? If lately you have to add more water than usual, the answer is yes. The loss of one tile per week in winter is an indicator of water loss. Where is my pool leaking water? This is the part where you will not be sure you can lose a lot of money on repairs that do not solve the loss of water. But this service will give you a quick solution to locate the water leak in your pool.

After locating where the water leak is, we can prepare a quote to repair it quickly and for your pool to function normally.

We also detect water leaks with a thermographic camera.

Detect Leaks in the Swimming Pool Structure

We do an inspection to locate leaks throughout the interior of the pool. This is a thorough visual inspection. We observe the status of 20 specific points where there are possible water leaks in a pool.

  • Cracks and fissure in the pool, and if they lose water.
  • State of the skimers, impellers and sinks joints. And if they lose water.
  • State of plastics and materials.
  • We made a report of corrections and suggestions to solve the problems.
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 Detect Leaks in  Swimming Pool Pipes

We have to say that most of the problems of water leaks in swimming pools are solved with this system. A water pressure test on the pipes is carried out by an experienced plumber in this field. Where each of the pool tubes is isolated, water is injected and we control the pressure. If after a while the pressure is the same, the tube is in good condition and does not lose water. If the pressure decreases, it indicates that this tube is at some point letting the water escape. The reasons why the pipes lose water are several, the most common are breaks because some stone is squeezing it or a loose elbow.

Now all that remains is to determine the best solution, which will depend on where the tube is located, their quality and the age of the pool.



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