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Waterprofing Concrete Swimming Pools

The waterproofing is the most important part of a swimming pool, it is placed just after the sprayed concrete. A gunite pool does not guarantee that the water will escape from the pool, only the waterproofing material used gives the guarantee. Even a waterproofing material such as polyurea can replace a sprayed cement (gunita).

 It is important to waterproof a swimming pool in these cases:

  • We are going to renovate the tile to a pool with many years.
  • The pool is continually cracked.
  • We have a swimming pool above garages or storage rooms. Very normal in community pools
  • We have water leaks in the areas around the plastic of the pool.

In the latter case, only these areas can be waterproofed.

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 What are the waterproofing cements that we use?

On the market there are several types and various prices. Basically the quality of this product is in the flexing capacity. Greater flexibility, higher quality

How do we lay the waterproofing materials?

  1.  The waterproofing with full guarantee is the one that eliminates the old tile and several capable of these products are placed, even with reinforcing grids. Then a new tile is put on and a good grout.
  2. The other option, more economical, was to mix the waterproofing materials directly in the pool grouting.
  3. Waterproof around all plastics, skimmer, lights, water outlets.


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