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Contact us for the treatment of swimming pools

My name is Martín Mengual and I am a technician in the treatment of swimming pools

And together with my wife Gema, we run this family company dedicated to the care and treatment of swimming pools.

I am qualified in the treatment of water in public and private swimming pools by the Generalitat Valenciana. I am also the founder of the first association of pool maintenance technicians in Marina Alta.

With more than 20 years of experience in this sector we have carried out all kinds of projects. From public pools such as Gata de Gorgos or the sources of Xábia. We also carry community pools of all sizes. And above all, private swimming pools, where we apply all the knowledge of large pools, both chemical or hygienic, these family type.

Our greatest satisfaction in the treatment of swimming pools:
Our clients

“I remember that I had problems continuously in my pool; I called Martin in the middle of summer, the next day he was treating my pool and getting it ready, after a while we were taking a bath and we spent the rest of the summer without any problems. The pools have no mystery for Martin and he has been demonstrating for years. “

Francis Herrero

“We were looking for someone who would allow us to forget about the problems of maintaining a pool, and that would give me peace of mind and confidence. We are very grateful for the result of your work. In addition to a knowledge of our needs, with Martin and Gema we have an unbeatable personal treatment. “

Peter and Michelle Milne

“Limpiopiscinas is undoubtedly one of the references in the maintenance of swimming pools. They are also energetic and close. They recommended us to pass our chlorine disinfection system to a saline hydrolysis system, and after their advice we are using it for several years and we are very happy. Therefore, we recommend it without any doubt. “

John Wattleworth