With the service; Pool Leak Detection in Benitachell you can locate exactly the loss of water in your pool, however little it may be. With all the technology available as leak detectors or inspection cameras. Once located, we can solve the problem even without emptying the water. How to repair any crack or fissure, seal skimers, impellers or sinks. We also change the tube or joint that has broken or cracked.

Service Detect Indoor Leak Pool

It is the first thing to do when a pool loses water. Does your pool have any cracks in the glass? Does that fissure or crack really lose water? With this Inspection Service you have a complete report of the entire interior state of your pool. Performed by qualified divers. Report with photos and videos, showing:

  • Cracks and cracks in the pool, and if they lose water.
  • State of the skimers, impellers and sinks joints. And if they lose water.
  • Some other abnormality observed.
  • List of corrections and suggestions to be made to solve the problems, if any.

 Service Detect Leaks in Pool Pipes

Once you have seen that the pool glass is in optimal condition, it is only necessary to check the pool pipes. A pressure test performed on each pipe for 24 hours tells us with certainty if the pipe loses water or not.

Once it is detected which pipe is the one that loses, an inspection chamber is inserted to determine the exact location of the leak.

With this service a detailed report is made of the parts of the pool that have been reviewed, which need repair and exact location.


Look on our main page about water leaks in the pool where all the updated data is found.



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