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Pool Cleaning Service


Do you need help in taking

care of your pool?



Do you live in Xábia, Moraira, Cumbre del Sol or Benissa and your pool needs some service?

Pool Maintenance

Too many problems with maintaining your pool?

With this maintenance you will have the water in perfect condition throughout the year.

  • Weekly and double visits in July and August.
  • All chemicals included.
  • All the necessary analyzes.
  • Linear payment, there is no price increase in summer.

Recovery of: Green or Cloudy Waters

Do you have bad water? Don’t worry, we put it back to you in conditions.

  • We completely analyze the water.
  • We do the chemical treatment you need.
  • A total cleaning of the pool.
  • Chemical activation to end any problem.

Grout Pool – Grouting

Do you want your pool to look like new?

  • Cleaning the vessel with a pressure machine.
  • Disinfection of possible green or black algae.
  • Grouting tile with Weber Premium mortar
  • Final cleaning.

Filter Sand Change

How many years ago the filter sand was not changed? It is recommended to change it every 4/5 years. You will notice it in the water quality.

  • Opening and removal of old sand.
  • Diffuser Check.
  • Placement of sand or new glass dust.
  • Close filter and start-up.


 Electrolysis System

Guess which is the best water treatment system for swimming pools?

Crown Work with Natural Mineral

Can I paint the crown of my pool? Yes, but it will start to fall in a few months

  • Water pressure cleaning.
  • Repair cracks.
  • Union Bridge Application.
  • Application 2 layers natural mineral.
  • 10 years warranty, non-slip, anti mold.

Emptying And Disinfection of Pool

Has your pool been a long time without working? Then you need cleaning and disinfection.

  • Solid waste removal.
  • Pressure machine cleaning.
  • Disinfection of all pool walls.
  • We also recommend a good chemical treatment after filling.

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Av. Ultramar 14 03730 Xábia -Jávea

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Areas in Moraira and Benissa where we perform our pool cleaning services.

First Moraira: Moravit, Cap Blanc, Sabatera, Pinar del Advocat, Paichi, El Tesoro and Benimeit. And finally in Benissa: the Fustera, Fanadix, San Jaime, Montenar.