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Professional Pool Cleaning and Maintenance service in Moraira to have clear, healthy and trouble free water. We make annual contracts with weekly pool cleaning and always have quality water. We have a punctual service to recover green waters, with adequate chemical treatment and cleaning. And we also empty the pools to clean and disinfect them.
We are qualified pool cleaners, with over twenty years of experience cleaning and maintaining all types of pools. Leave the cleanliness of the pool in our hands and we will take care of it.


Pool Cleaning Cost in Moraira

Monthly prices for annual contracts and only for the maintenance of private swimming pools, so that the community asks us for a budget. Water treatments are payments for services.

The maintenance price of swimming pools with salt is the same as maintaining a pool with chlorine.

Pool Cleaning 8×4

  • One weekly visits and two visits in July and August.
  • All chemicals included.

Pool Cleaning 10×5

  • One weekly visits and two visits in July and August.
  • All chemicals included.

Green Water or Turbidity Treatment

  • Water analysis.
  • Treatment with necessary chemicalst.
  • A complete cleaning.

Importance of Good Pool Service


Poor maintenance is the main cause of water constantly encountering numerous problems such as:

  • Green Water or with algae.
  • With calcification in the gresites.
  • Unattractive vision, unclear water or turbidity.
  • Strong smell of chlorine and skin and eye irritations.

The question to know if you need to improve the maintenance service of your pool is, in the middle of summer when the water in my pool should be better is when I have more problems? If your answer is yes, contact us, we take treatment of swimming pools with chlorine or salt.

Tasks in the Pool Cleaner

  1. Aspiration of the bottom.
  2. Water surface cleaning.
  3. Brushed waterline and walls.
  4. Cleaning skimers and filters.
  5. Analysis as chlorine or ph.
  6. Adequate chemical treatment.
  7. Check the water level.
  8. Adjust schedules according to season.
  9. We handle any repairs.
  10. We inform you of any abnormality we see both in the pool and in your home.


Mantenimiento de Piscinas Javea – Moraira Pool Maintenance


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