With the service, Grouting Swimming Pool Tiles in El Vergel you will have the inside of your pool like new without changing the tile. The white lines between the pool tiles may drop the material. When we fill these joints, the tiles have a greater grip, thus lasting much longer. We improve the permeability of the pool. Surface cleaning is facilitated, without dirt being embedded between the joints. And above all we give the pool a very aesthetic touch to be all white and even joints. Water quality is also improved.

Prices in the Pool Re-Grouting

  1. Cleaning walls and floors with pressurized water.
  2. Acid disinfection and brushing to empty the old material.
  3. All missing tiles are placed
  4. Grouting with Weber Premium (the best grout material).
  5. Pool cleaning.

The Importance of the Grout in the Pools.

It is important because small gresites have a better grip and because it improves the appearance of the pool by 100%. But, did you know that a lack of grouting could be the reason why you don’t have a good maintenance in the water of your pool? Yes, since when the material is emptied between the tiles, all kinds of algae begin to grow. Algae grow inside the hollows and it is very difficult to kill them completely, especially if they are black.

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