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Service in Moraira, Xábia

Poolreinigung in Moraira







Improve your pool cleaning service in: Moraira, Xábia, Bennisa or Cumbre del Sol.


We know that it may not be easy to find good service in pool cleaning. Poor maintenance is the main cause of green water and other problems. It is very likely that your pool is more or less well in winter, but when the heat arrives the water begins to look cloudy and unhygienic. However, with a good pool maintenance you will have the water in perfect condition throughout the summer.

We are specialists in the maintenance and cleaning of swimming pools, you will have a crystal clear water all year round so you can bathe and enjoy

Our services and prices in pool cleaning

All services are designed in the care that your pool may need at any time. In addition to having a proper maintenance, performing some pool cleaning, disinfection or set-up, It is also important to know that every four or five years we have to renew the sand of our filter. It may be time to switch to the best water treatment system, such as the salt chlorinator. Or why not, make our pool look new by repairing the old coronation or rejuncting it. Above all, we provide everything you need to make it as comfortable and fast as possible..

Inform yourself, the prices shown are for normal pools of 8x4 meters and are without I.V.A. For pools with other dimensions and maintenance or cleaning of community pools we prepare a budget without commitment.

Pool Maintenance

  •     weekly and double visits in July and August.
  •     All chemicals included.
  •     All necessary analyzes.
  •     Payment not linear increases in summer.

Tuning, green pools or problems

  •     We analyzed the water.
  •     We perform chemical treatment you need, with health ministry-approved products.
  •     Once the pool clean.

Empty swimming pool cleaning

  • Removal of solid waste
  • Pressure cleaning machine.
  • Disinfecting glass of the pool.


The pools always look better if they are well maintained. !Call us now! Tel. +34 609944958

Arena Change Filter

  • Opening and removal of old sand.
  • Comprovación diffusers.
  • Replace new sand or glass powder
  • Washing and commissioning


  •     Pressure washer cleaning glass.
  •     Disinfection possible green, black algae.
  •     I repointing mortar Weber Premium gresite
  •     Final cleaning.

Salt Chlorination

  •     Salt water chlorination equipment installation.
  •     Necessary dosage of salt to the pool.
  •     Calibration and commissioning.
  •     Three-year warranty.

Crowning Repair

  •     Pressure water cleaning.
  •     Repair cracks.
  •     Union Bridge application.
  •     Application 2 natural mineral layers.
  •     10 year warranty, non-slip, anti mold.

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